Have a Portable Party with Mario Party Star Rush!

Mario Party

For those of us that love to have our good relationships tested Mario Party is probably the most succinct way to do it, this year at Nintendo’s E3 panel players were introduced to a way to take their party on the road with Mario Party Star Rush.

Mario Party Star Rush is the 14th installment in the Mario Party franchise, it comes after Mario Party Island Tour which was released for the 3DS in 2013. Nintendo has changed up a bit of game-play in terms of how players will approach a match. The only confirmed game mode thus far is “Toad Scramble,” in which the player play one of 4 Toads. These Toads move around the board and have the chance to collect allies like Mario, Luigi, Peach or Yoshi. With each added hero your Toad gains extra roles on the dice and new buddies to help take on mini-games, bosses and other players.

Mario Party

The game supports Local Wireless Play and so far it seems no word has been made on whether you’ll be able to play via internet hook up with people around the world – which would be pretty sweet. The game also negates any wait time for players, the dice rolls are all made at the same time and it seems you’re always involved some how in the action. Mario Party Star Rush utilizes amiibo but as of now we’re not sure exactly their function, what we do know is that a host of Mario amiibo characters are compatible and will interact with the game somehow.

Mario Party

Mario Party Star Rush has a November 4th 2016 release date, so just in time for the holidays. Cause nothing brings a family together and breaks them apart like a good game of star snatching, mini game playing, coin stealin’ fun.

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