Pokemon Sun and Moon Reveal Evolved Forms of Starters


If you’ve been following the coverage of Pokemon Sun and Moon you probably get really excited whenever there’s a new batch of information – today, get excited. Different in-game activities, social areas and Pokemon forms have all been revealed.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is coming to North America on November 18th, but until then we can anticipate each new release of information from The Pokemon Channel, particularly if that involves the starters, which, today, it does.

There had been this leak which seemed to be gaining a lot of attention from fans, saying that it was possibly real. With these latest reveals they may be tossed out, it’s hard to see how Litten or Rowlet will turn into what was in those drawings (although Popplio is that much of a stretch). Facial and arm markings on Torracat are similar to those of the drawing and Dartix does keep with the bowtie motif, but only time will tell.


Along with the evolution news there was a bit in the video about Festival Plaza which seems to be a place where the trainer can interact with other trainers. It’s not completely clear how it ties into the larger game or if there will be any in-game benefits but there will be communication with other trainers from other games. Pokemon in PC boxes will get a break at Poke Pelago where they can do a bunch of activities that will boost their stats or find you useful items and Pokemon.

Lastly it looks like Mega Evolutions are making a comeback some were showcased for the first time in the trailer, although there hasn’t been any new reveals for Mega Evolutions. But you won’t have to wait until November to try it out; there will be a free to play demo available on the Nintendo Eshop October 18th, complete with a special companion Pokemon Greninja with the special ability battle bond.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

The new Pokemon game is just over a month away; the hype is getting real, and now – if I may editorialize for a moment – who knows what starter I’m going with. Dartrix is so classy, but Torracat is fluffy and Brionne is so cute. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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