Pokemon Sun and Moon: More New Pokemon Revealed


It hasn’t been long since the reveal of the new evolutions for starters in Pokemon Sun and Moon and already there’s been given a batch of all new evolutions and one glimpse at an old favourite making an Alolan return.

With the November 18th release date fast approaching and the October 18th demo even closer the developers at Pokemon seem to be ramping up there reveals. On October 14th a video was released showcasing a series of new evolution chains to Pokemon we had seen in previous iterations of reveal trailers.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Something that seems to be a theme of Pokemon in the Alola region is their bright and striking colour scheme – for the most part- and what can fans expect from a region based off the Hawaiian islands? Some Pokemon revealed in the trailer are ones like Silvally (or li’l Arceus), Steenee and Tsareena (very regal looking fruit Pokemon) and Ribombee (who has the cutest itty-bitty scarf). Hakamo-o and Kommo-o seem to be the three-part dragon evolution for this generation, with the unique typing of Dragon/Fighting. Lastly there was Alolan Grimer and Muk, who are Posion/Dark types and have had some colour dipped into them because Alolan Muk is a living rainbow.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Lastly there was a glimpse at a new Kahuna, Olivia and a new Trial Captain specializing in Normal types, Ilima. The demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon is available on Oct 18th so if your 3DS has the space head over to the Nintendo Eshop and give it a download!


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