Pokemon Sun and Moon Reveals the Final Evolutions for Starters


Pokemon Sun and Moon has officially confirmed the starter final forms And to say that fans will be pleasantly surprised/shocked at the new Pokemon starter evolutions is an understatement. Along with the new evos the trailer showcased new Legendary and non-Legendary Pokemon and some new challenges the island of Alola has to offer.

Typings for the new starter Pokemon are really what the big news is here. We had all heard Primarina – the evolution of Popplio – was going to be a fabulous diva seal that was water/fairy. The big news came from Decidueye – evolution of Rowlett – who is not a grass/flying but a grass/ghost. And we all feared that Litten’s evolution was going to be a fire/fighting, but Incineroar is a fire/dark. The trailer also showcased some pretty sweet signature moves for each starter evolution’s final form.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

The introduction of new Legendaries for each island in Alola were also glimpsed at, they’re each a different type with fairy in common as their second type. Tapu Lele is a psychic/fairy, Tapu Bulu is a grass/fairy, Tapu Fini is a water/fairy and of course Tapu Koko who is an electric/fairy type. Also revealed were Cosmog, a psychic Pokemon who looks like a space cloud and Alolan Persian who looks like Persian if Persian got punched in the face.

Lastly is some pretty big news on the Alolan league. It seems like Alola is a budding region, with no gyms or overall league to speak of. Throughout the game though it seems that the Pokemon League is slowly building a presence on the islands, so who knows? Maybe we will get to face off against the Elite 4 in some way. However there is something known as The Battle Tree in which you can team up or take on Pokemon trainers and champions from past games, even Blue and Red from the first iterations of the Pokemon game franchise.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

It’s less than a month away until Pokemon Sun and Moon are out on the Nintendo 3DS, so start assembling your teams in your head and get ready for an island adventure.

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