A Pokemon Nintendo Direct Is Coming This Morning

Hello early birds, if you hurry you won’t miss a brand new Nintendo Direct focusing entirely on Pokemon.

In a surprisingly last minute announcement on Nintendo of America’s Twitter account, the company has announced that today at 7 am PST and 10 am EST, there will be a short eight-minute long Nintendo Direct event focusing completely on their popular creature-catching franchise. And besides from the Direct being called “special,” not much else is known about what will be announced.

So what exactly is so great that it couldn’t wait until E3? A tease of a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch? A new Pokemon Stadium game? A remastered HD version of Pokemon Sun and Moon on the Nintendo Switch with cross-play support? More features coming to Pokemon Go? A remake of Diamond and Pearl?

Considering Nintendo’s track record with Directs aimed at specific series, we might get something amazing like the Fire Emblem Direct, or something padded and a bit underwhelming like the protracted announcement of Hyrule Warriors.

What do you think the Nintendo Direct could be about? Considering that the franchise has been around for over twenty years, spinning off successfully into several tie-in series like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger, a collectible card game, and an anime that is still going to this day with dozens of movies under its belt, your guess is as good as mine.

If you have trouble finding a way to see the Direct, there’s a link right here.

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