When is a Pokemon Not a Pokemon? When it's a MinoMonster Of Course!

Let’s face it, the latest generation of Pokemon left a little to be desired. But what else is there? Surely Pokemon is the only game in this style of game? Well not anymore. The Pokemon franchise has some strong competition from the new upstart game MinoMonsters of iOS.

MinoMonsters Inc., a video game development studio creating emotionally engaging mobile games, is proud to announce the debut of MinoMonsters, now available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The highly anticipated game, featuring lovable pet monsters, each with their own personality, challenges players to capture and train these amazing little creatures for battle, whether in single or multiplayer mode.

MinoMonsters story is set in the legendary Kingdom of Zancardi, an ancient civilization that suffered a tremendous cataclysm a thousand years ago. The kingdom and its shattered remains became the Windward Isles, a secret and
mysterious chain of islands that exists in the modern day world and is now home to the elusive MinoMonsters.

A turn-based monster battling game, MinoMonsters see players battling their pet monsters by trading blows back and forth with their opponent until one team has been defeated. By using gained skills, grabbing bonuses, capturing other monsters, finding hidden loot, and collecting specific items such as powerups and candy, a player’s stable of MinoMonsters continually grows in ability, helping the player to fight their way to victory. To ensure success, players must also continually return to their home screen to take care of their stable of lovable and loyal monsters. By feeding, petting, and taking care of them, trainers develop special bonds with their monsters, ultimately helping them to better
perform in battle!

The game’s strategy is unique as players must pick the right monster during a battle – some do bonus damage to others (i.e.: water monsters will inflict heavy damage to a fire monster).  If the player chooses properly and wins a battle, their monsters receive experience and possibly level up.  And, as a monster gains levels, it becomes stronger, learning new skills, which the player can use during future battles. However, if a player chooses improperly and loses a battle, the player’s losing monster will need a 15-minute rest period before it can return to battle. Players must choose wisely when battling!

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