PlayStation Just Had Its Best Fiscal Quarter Ever


While Sony as a whole may be having issues, you can’t blame it on the PlayStation brand.

Bloomberg is reporting the company’s latest financial report, which spells issues for the company as a whole (especially their film division). Despite this, PlayStation is doing very, very well.

Sony managed to sell (again sell, not ship, per Bloomberg) 9.7 million units in the last fiscal quarter. That’s up from 8.4 million units in the previous year. In addition, Sony kept their forecast at a total of 20 million units sold during the fiscal year, which ends in March.

According to the report, this increase in sales was thanks to the PS4 Pro, the souped-up version of the PS4, PlayStation VR, the PS4’s Virtual Reality experience, and games such as Final Fantasy XV, one of the holiday’s most anticipated game releases. When you release new and exciting hardware, or a game people have been waiting for since 2006, you’re going to see an increase of sales.

Sony’s fourth fiscal quarter will be headlined by Resident Evil 7 and Horizon: Zero down. Given Sony’s commitment to the VR experience, it’ll be interesting to see the sales numbers on PlayStation VR alongside Resident Evil 7.

We’ll keep you posted to see if PlayStation can continue its success post-holidays.

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