Playstation 4 System Software Update 4.50: External HDD Support, Boost Mode and More

PlayStation 4

Sony has released a first look into the new features coming with their latest 4.50 system software update. Some of the features included are external HDD support and custom wallpapers. What else does the newest update have?

System Software Update 4.50

External HDD Support

This is a big feature that has been asked for by fans for some time now. With this, players can add any USB 3.0 HDD device to their Playstation 4 device and expand its storage. So, if you’re already filling up that original hard drive and do not want to swap out the internal hard drive, this is a perfect solution. The external HDD support will read all HDDs up to 8TB of storage. Now that is a lot of games.

3D Blu Rays for Playstation VR

This new feature will now allow owners of the Playstation VR to watch 3D Blu-Ray movies directly on the headset. Featuring the full stereoscopic 3D experience. When you need a break from Resident Evil 7, pop in Moana for a relaxing change of pace.

System Software Update 4.50

Boost Mode

Finally, there is Boost Mode; this new feature is for Playstation 4 Pro owners. What it will do is allow players to enjoy older games with gameplay improvements. Boost mode is targeted to games released before the Pro system to try and enhance the experience through improved frame rates. Of course, this is an optional feature. If players are seeing issues with it, they can turn it off and still enjoy the game in its original fashion.

Simplified Notifications

Previously, the notifications tab showed multiple categories that were not being condensed into a more simpler view. This view will now show all the notifications in one simple list. You’ll also be able to customize which notifications will pop up on your screen. This is a much needed feature that will be very nice to have.

System Software Update 4.50

Additional 4.50 System Software Update Features

In addition to all of the above, there will be custom wallpapers and quick menu changes. With custom wallpapers, you can set your own in-game screenshot as a wallpaper with a few effects to help visibility. The new quick menu will allow access more while taking up less screen space to keep you in the game, and not the menu. Another item is an option to post directly to your Playstation Network feed. Players can add pictures, text and, more to their feeds so you can share what you want, however often as you want.

Sony has more features planned for the upcoming 4.50 System Software Update. While they haven’t released when it’s coming just yet, participants of the Playstation Beta will be receiving it soon. Be sure to keep an eye out here at The Game Fanatics and the Sony Playstation Blog for more information soon.

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