Fanatical Five | My Top 5 Favorite Overwatch Heroes

Most of you are probably familiar with Overwatch, and if you’re not, you should check out Ryan’s review. The short breakdown of the game is it’s Blizzard’s new online-only FPS hero shooter. Spoiler alert: it’s highly addicting.

Part of the reason Overwatch offers such high replay value is due to how well balanced it is, from the characters and their abilities, to the maps themselves. You can’t earn or buy upgraded characters and/or weapons, meaning it’s a relevantly even playing field every single match. That being said, who you and your teammates choose for battle is important. Here are my personal top five favorite heroes and where they best come into play online.



Tracer is arguably one of the best offensive characters in the game if you play her as intended (and there’s definitely a steep learning curve). She can blink across the map in a matter of seconds and has one of the best secondary abilities: “rewind.” Not only can she evade Mei’s ice attacks and Bastion’s turret better than anyone else, she also has the potential to stay alive the longest. Using her rewind ability, you can get back all the health you lost in the last few seconds as well as reposition yourself on the battlefield. If you have the time and patience to learn a new hero, Tracer will undoubtedly come in handy while pestering the opposing team.


Reaper is my personal favorite — never mind he probably listens to Evanescences and wears JNCO jeans. He’s my edgy attack hero and he’s fun to use!  Reaper is one of those characters who’d totally viable on both attack and defense, regardless of game mode. His first ability, teleport, is great for getting around traps and sneaking up on the enemy. It also helps with reaching those hard-to-reach buildings/balconies — vantage points that will help you take on the likes of Widowmaker. His second ability, “Wraith,” allows you to be seen but impervious to damage for a short amount of time. Its’s great for bypassing traps or fleeing in a bind. He also has a perk which allows him to pick up souls to replenish health. The greatest thing about Reaper, though, by far, is his ultimate: Death Blossom. “Die, Die, Die!”


Originally, I was going to add Bastion to this list, but now that I’ve been playing for a few weeks I realize Bastion is one of the most needed-to-be nerfed characters on the roster. So instead I’m going to add one of Bastian’s greatest counters, Genji. With Genji’s deflect ability, you’ll be able to watch in pleasure as Bastian’s soul leaves his Altoid tin can of a body. Deflect isn’t the only reason why Genji makes a great ninja; he is one of only six characters that can reach tough vantage points using his wall run. Here’s the bottom line: if you have pesky turrets or a gun-toting heavy opponent, Genji is a great choice. He’s a bit hard to master, though. Keep that in mind.



If I didn’t put a healer on this list I would be making a great mistake just like you’ll be if you don’t have one in every match. I chose Lucio as my favorite healer simply because he’s the easiest to use (and damn are those environmental kills fun!). Lucio is great for capture and control point modes because he heals everyone in range as well as gives the team a speed boost to get on point faster. His sonic amplifier skill also makes for hilarious environmental kills, pushing enemies off even the most daunting heroes with a single beat.


Ah, trusty Reinhardt. The big ‘ol daddy. Don’t worry, little Torbjorn, get behind my shield and I’ll protect you. Going head to head with a Reinhardt is the quickest way to get bodied into the nearest building…or off the map! When you see “Pinned” on your screen you know you’re going to have a bad time. Sure, Reinhardt doesn’t have the necessary range to combat enemies from afar, but he is a necessity on escort missions. Don’t believe me? Conduct a little research for yourself. Try running an escort mission without Reinhardt, then halfway through, switch over to him and watch how fast your team will be moving.

There you have it. These are my go-to heroes in Overwatch. Every mission should be played on a case-by-case basis, so don’t be afraid to switch it up from time to time depending on the game mode and the opposition. Feel free to let me know about your favorite characters in the comments below!

You can pick up Overwatch now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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