Picking the Right MMO: Thoughts on SWTOR

  • Quinn Sullivan

    Great article, the thoughts of which you addressed have been all fixed in the final beta build. Loving the game, quit WoW when I first got into beta. Already a lvl 45 Jedi Sage, and seems to be quite a good bit of endgame.

  • Matthew David

    I’ve played a few free to play mmo’s but all of them that I’ve played thus far, give payers who play serious advantages against those who don’t in PVP. I understand why games do this, but it’d be nice to find one that dosen’t do this. Dose anybody know of any?

  • kewlflame14

    Guys please help me i was really looking forward to play this game but because of dis i cant play dat f’in game

  • Nick

    I really like the Bioware games I’ve played so far. I’ve played Mass Effect 1, beaten Dragon Age 2, am currently playing Dragon Age: Origins, and will be playing Mass Effect 2 soon. I also plan on buying Mass Effect 3.

    I’ve been wanting to try one of their older games. What do you suggest? Knights of the Old Republic? Baldur’s Gate 1 or 2?