Pick Your Own Prize – XBOX 360 GAME

So, we heard that you wanted an Xbox 360 game. Well, guess what? You got it!

Recently, we ran a contest on our forums to see which prize would be most suitable, and the fanatics have spoken!

We will currently run a contest to see who will selected to win this free prize. All you have to do is just post a comment in this thread, telling us why you think you deserve this free game. The title of the game would be great too wheather it’s past, present, or future.

Also you should retweet this tweet, so that way the news can get out to everyone!

Well, there you have it! Simple, right? We know!

Winner will be picked May 18th (the same day a shit load of games is released)! Please allow time for shipping and other things. Yes, this is the real deal.

Good luck!

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