Phantasy Star Online 2 comes to PC, Vita, and Mobile Devices

  • dreadelf

    Hopefully this plays better than the last one.

  • Louisa Ellman

    Yeah I asked this before, but with no answers. So how?

  • Joanne Mefford

    I’m not much too familiar with PSP’s but strategy to acquire a single soon, alongside with Phantasy Star Transportable 2, and was pondering is it totally free to link on-line and perform or do I have to shell out for a “hunter’s license” like with Phantasy Star On The Web Ep. I & II for Gamecube?

  • Noemi Madero

    Does the online feature of PHANTASY STAR On The Web 3 work anymore? Considering That the Gamecube is a lifeless method do they nevertheless preserve the servers up? Do i want some sort of adaptor to use online Feature?

  • colingrillo

    For example:If my Android phone supports only MPEG ,MP4, 3gp ?

    So will it be able to run videos of Flv, Wmv, MP3 format it I Install Third party apps to run them?

    I suppose this should be the case.I am planning to buy Android mobile but i can’t buy the most expensive ones which can play all the video formats without any third party apps?

  • shahrukh

    What are the differences between OS’s ? Why android is the one most of the people want instead of symbian, blackberry, windows ? Why android is the top seller ? What makes android better than the others ? Thanks 😀

  • John

    My daughter is 11 years old, I got her an android HTC cellphone. I would like to put some type of GPS tracking on the phone so that if I ever need to I can check her location so I know she is safe!

    Any ideas would help!

  • Armas


    I heard that there is an app in the Android Market that can be downloaded to make your Droid and computer internet one.

    Is this true? How does it work? What is it called?


  • borabora5524

    I’m thinking about getting an android phone when I renew my contract with Verizon in July. What android phone do you prefer and why? So far I’ve been looking at the Motorolla Droid and the HTC Incredible.

  • isk8at818

    The android market takes 30 percent of revenue from each app sale (correct me if I’m wrong). I am developing a game for android and think having to give 30% of my sales to Google is too much. Are there any alternative markets with a lower taxation rate?