People Now Use Xbox More for Services like Netfilx than Playing Online Games

  • n.betta


  • Saundra Jarvie

    In December, Cablevision introduced that HBO Go will be obtainable to its buyers “in the following few months.” I was pondering if anyone has noticed something about when that will be? Thanks!

  • Cecilia Osburn

    where can i find on-line multiplayer video games that you dont have to download? i dont want to play MMORPG video games i just want on the internet multiplayer types like bomb wars and stuff. thanks

  • Keaton

    where can i find online multiplayer games that you dont have to download? i dont want to play MMORPG games i just want online multiplayer ones like bomb wars and stuff. thanks

  • supernerd567

    What are some online games that your don’t have to download
    and are free.

  • Roar me R

    My Xbox is upstairs and the internet is in the basement. I want to connect the xbox 360 to xbox live wirelessly without buying anything. I have a wireless network in my house. I have a pc but its not wireless but I have a mac and its wireless but i don’t think it will work on the mac. Can anyone help me?

  • XplicitzZ

    Same for the Max Go… Thinking about purchasing the Apple TV, but this would be a deal breaker if it does not.

  • jordenkotor

    Characters come into steam room or sauna “waiting room” wearing nothing but a towel and greeted by a janitor and ask what will happen to them with no actual answer and by the end of the show they enter a door where the other side is pitch black and go on to there destination.

  • wwwavid360gamercom

    On May 7th…in Madison Square Garden…that one…does it cost money to go there? Thanks!

  • Chris R

    It’s already aired on HBO Go but not on the app I have for the xbox 360. Is there a delay? I’ve already restarted the app but it still only goes up to episode 9 of season 2.

  • Miguel M

    i know that hbo go is free for hbo subscribers.. but my cable package does not come with hbo, and I want hbo go for my xbox live account.. how much is it to subscribe?

  • mmminja

    I can get HBO GO on my lap top, but not on the Kindle Fire? What could be wrong? Help.

  • Armas

    I really wish I had HBO to watch my shows but I’d have to pay 17 dollars a month. That’s too much! I heard about HBO go. What is it? Do I have to be with HBO in order to get it? I wouldn’t mind watching it online

  • louisewoods1984

    I was hoping to use the hbo go app on my phone to watch true blood. i have time warner cable but idk the username and password. can someone give me thiers?

  • Jamal

    Whenever I watch a show or movie on HBO GO the quality really sucks and goes in and out of being clear I know its not just my computer because it has happened when I watched at my boyfriends house on his computer also. Has this happened to anyone else? What do I do?

  • thexbox360player

    I don’t have HBO or Showtime and have been thinking about getting them for sometime now. Now that both have their On Demand programs, I’m even more interested. My girl friend and I have started watching True Blood, The Wire, Dexter, and some others. So what I want to know is that do they have all their original shows on there? And are all the current and past episodes on there?