PAX Prime 2012 | The Problem of Harassment in Gaming

  • Terrence

    To be more specific, is there anyway to penalize EA Sports for monopolizing the football franchise in the video game industry. I along with numerous other fans of Madden have been ticked off by numerous years of poor quality customer support and games. Basically, there is NO competition in the market right now. EA has signed deals with the NFL and ESPN in order to monopolize the football entertainment industry. The result is no competition, therefore causing horrible games and customer support to arrise. I’m not much of a law student, but we really need to put an end to this. EA understands that because it has no competitor, consumers will be forced to by its product year after year. Therefore, EA has no incentive to improve it’s games. Is there any way we can penalize them? Someone needs to start a petition because I’m sure millions of people will sign it.

  • Disrae

    Hello people, i am a senior, and i need to start thinking about college. I am a very passionate video gamer. I excel in many different categories but I really want to enter the video game industry so much! I have researched schools such as ITT Tech and WestWood but both have been reported as scams in the past. I really want the most out of my education and I want to be somebody in the Industry. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Smashing Pumpkins

    Ever since I Played my first RPG video game (Fable: The Lost Chapters) I have wanted to design and write background stories for video games but Im not very good with computers. Is there still a possible job for me in the gaming industry?