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  • Sir fliesalot

    I have grown very used to the xbox 360 controller’s layout. Is there any original xbox controller with a similar layout?
    Or, better yet, a 360 controller shell with xbox 1 controller guts that I can get? I think i have seen tutorials for doing that but I don’t have the skill to do it myself, so i was wondering if I could buy one.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Rassling Fundamentals

    I have a Macbook pro, and I downloaded some emulators and game ROMs that I want to play, but the experience kinda sucks without a controller.

    What’s a good wireless controller to use with emulators?
    I actually did the majority of gaming without a controller, but quit gaming about 3 years ago.

    I refuse to play FPSs on a console.

  • Blake

    Say that I want to keep the game going so my character continues to level, but it pauses after my controller has shut off. I don’t know if rubber bands or something work, but does anyone know a trick that keeps the 360 controller on constantly? Thanks.

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    At an airport what ATC determines the active runway. Ground? Tower? Delivery? Say the wind just changed and therefore the runway must change. Who decides to change it if a controller were in charge?

  • ScRSC

    what is the difference between the ps3’s Dualshock3 and the Sixaxis controller? i have a game that says you can control and do certain things with the sixaxis controller. The controller im using said it was a dualshock 3, yet i can still do the things it says i need a sixaxis for.

  • encyclopath

    The new Wii (which Nintendo has dubbed the ‘family edition’) has no Gamecube controller ports on it. Many of the Wii Virtual Console games require either a Gamecube or the Classic Controller, both of which use the Gamecube controller port. Are there any controllers that work with the Wii Virtual Console games that don’t require the Gamecube controller port?
    To clarify, something other than the Classic Controller Pro.
    To clarify, something other than the Classic Controller Pro.

  • jag43216

    When I try to tap on the space where you set the button, the prompt screen only appears for a split second before setting the button to “J05”. But I can also override the “J05” with the d-pad, joystick, or keyboard keys but not with the rest of the buttons on my controller. I use a Logitech Dual Action controller.

  • Ed D

    To explain more clearly, I have a PS2 and have a wireless controller, every so often when I’m done playing games or using the controller for watching movies, the light continues to blink indicating that the controller is engaged. When I see it doing that I remove one of the batteries and it stops. However I’d like to not have to not keep doing that. Is there any way to keep it from doing this? Thanks for your help.
    Nope no on/off switch.

  • Taylor2k

    My little brother is upset because his controller or the controller connector isn’t working. I need to know if anywhere sells them or if I can buy them on a safe website.

  • JackReynolds

    My nephew has asked me to research his interest in becoming an aircraft controller. I have never heard of this field being a major in colleges or universities, so I would imagine classes would be connected to major airports. If you are an aircraft controller or you know someone who is, could you offer any advice on how to get into the field.

    I do know that controllers have to have sharp memories, make flash decisions, be cool under pressure and work with other busy controllers and high tech equipment.

    How much do beginning controllers make per year, how long is the training, is it a hard profession to get hired into, and is there any open positions when training is completed?

    Thanks for any and all advice about the profession of aircraft traffic controllers

  • xiM Clutch

    I want to buy a wired 360 controller that can be used as a pc controller but is it simple? I tried to set up the ps3 controller as a pc controller and it was too complicated for me.

  • Superman

    Some of my games need analog controller. My wired controller will work but I don’t know how to set my wireless to use the analog feature. The brand is dream gear wireless. I have something I plug into the PS2 that has a button on it and my wireless has an analog button but I can’t get the analog to sync up. Thanks!