Pax Prime 2012 | Ubisoft Announces Pax Prime Lineup

  • Tyler H

    Im anticipating buying Splinter Cell Conviction, but I’ve never played any off the others…is it worth it to buy the other ones for the game play or the story line?

  • Ed D

    I need to describe myself using 3 objects and give a 2-3 minute presentation about those objects. Does anyone have any examples of what i could use for my 3 objects? And why?

  • Only Business

    I put down biodegradable paper on the area before mulching hoping that would help keep the weeds down after using weed killer to kill them first. They appeared dead and then mulched after placing the paper on top.
    Well, bastards are coming through again and looks hideous. I don’t want to plant any flowers or bushes until I get rid of these. What is the best way to get rid of these weeds that are growing 3 feet tall?

  • Bryant B

    Does Inflitration Mode come in all version of Splinter Cell: Conviction for PC? Or, do I have to preorder or even buy a limited edition copy to gain access to Infiltration mode? I heard perhaps that you can buy the mode with Ubisofts UPlay store, but I´m not sure. Sources are appreciated. Thanks for the help.

  • Flash Funk

    After 3 months, I’m supposed to go to a group of European countries; among them Germany. Since I’ll stay there for only two weeks, I’m planning to concentrate my visits to 3 places only. What would be the 3 top places that you’d advise me to visit in Germany; I mean the 3 must-go places in Germany??

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Agent 47

    The unstoppable force known as Sam Fisher seems to be deadlier than even in Splinter Cell: Conviction. You will kill more enemies than ever before in a Splinter Cell game due to the games design. Can Sam Fisher officially be labeled a mass murderer?

  • Alex

    I have to write a paper and need 3 examples..any extra information on the 3 things or links where you found it is helpful!

  • Kaylla

    I just finished reading Splinter cell conviction the book and I saw that there is Splinter cell end game. What is the difference between these 2 books? Is Splinter cell end game told from Hansen’s point of view instead of Fisher’s point of view?

  • borabora5524

    I am a Splinter Cell fan and didn’t know there was one for PS3 and I am going to buy it. Will I be disappointed with the gameplay?

  • Andrew S

    I have had my provisional license since Feb 06 – only because I haven’t got around booking my practical test. I have had my car and insurance since Dec 07 and paid about 350 pounds 3rd party.
    I haven’t made any claims in the last year and 3 points on my license.
    However, the renewal quote I was given was for 1480 pounds. Is this possible and correct?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo

    I was thinking how awesome it might be for sam to wield a stealthy black crossbow in addition to his guns in Splinter Cell Convictionl. It’s quiet, and I think would look cool with a laser sight system on it. Any thoughts?