PAX East – Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Is More Than Just A Rhythm Based Cash In

  • Mystik_Wulf

    Great developers behind this

  • Nick

    I applied to square enix to be a beta tester for the new Final Fantasy XIV and i was just wondering if anyone who has already applied is able to tell me about how long it takes square enix to email you back with an answer. Thanks!

  • D3ZZY

    I have a convention in a year so i said i’d get started, I want to cosplay as a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts character but I’m not that talented with sewing. Which character or creature is easiest to make? (Any character)

    I’m a teenage girl if that helps and I’m about 5ft 5″.

  • The Inc

    I already know how great Square Enix is. PS1, please. Do you know any?
    I guess I’d prefer turn-based ones, especially tactical. But whatever you can come up with is good.

  • Disrae

    I don’t mean every character i just mean the main character in ever Final Fantasy series. I know they don’t have the new characters yet from the game 13 or 14 ( i don’t know that much about 14 ). Please help.

  • Brody S

    OK, I really want final fantasy xiii edition items that are up on the square enix website. The website says that they sell the items, but there is no “purchase” button to click on. I’ve looked all around and there is no purchase method that I can find!!!!!!! Can somebody tell me how to purchase these things?!

  • isk8at818

    Could someone please give me a list of all the final fantasies and what the differences are, on my local game shop’s website there is about 4 different final fantasy number XI i think it was.
    Thanks a lot, also could you say weather it is online only or single player, or both, thanks a lot, appreciated.