PAX East – Kingdom Hearts 3D Is The Kingdom Hearts You've Been Waiting For

  • Montana.the.Great


  • Serena Frieden

    i just completed the 2nd one particular and im puzzled which one particular is up coming afterwards. which a single is it birth by rest 358/2 days onr kingdom hearts ?

    • Keyblade

      The order of the kingdom hearts games story line is

      Birth by sleep
      Kingdom Hearts 1
      Kingdom Hearts chain of memories
      Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days
      Kingdom Hearts 2
      Kingdom Hearts Re Coded

      • ^^ This.

        However, per the Square Enix rep, this is a more traditional Kingdom Hearst game. It isn’t Kingdom Hearts 3, but its a full fledged title and not a spin off.

      • Keyblade MASTER

        Technically, Days starts before CoM.

        1) Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
        2) Kingdom Hearts
        3) Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days
        4) Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
        5) Kingdom Hearts 2
        6) Kingdom Hearts: re:coded
        7) Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

        😀 *nerd*

        • Anonymous

          I thought days and chain of memories overlaped.

          • Anonymous

            The timeline between Days and COM is really hard to understand. They do mostly overlap, but Days goes out farther in the timeline that leads into 2.

          • Sadako

            They do. But Days starts before Sora gets to Castle Oblivion, so technically it comes before CoM.

          • Roxas

            Actually chronological order is this:

            1) BBS
            2) KH1
            3) Start of 358/2 days (from start till day 40 I guess)
            4) Com or Re:Com
            5) rest of 358/2 days (from day 40 to about 70 is Com)
            6) KH2
            7) KH Re:Coded
            8) KH3D

  • Sora

    yeah 358-2 Days Start before CoM but if you play 358-2 Days before playing CoM i am sure you will be confuse because of the Storyline.. in 358-2 Days they will talk about sora and the Castle and you dont know what happen in CoM…

    by the way my first game is CoM…thanks to SSF2 they show me Sora…

  • Anonymous

    Will there ever be a kingdom hearts for ps3.

  • will there ever be one ps3

  • Saundra Jarvie

    what’s the variation amongst the PS2 video games Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories? Which types better to play? Trigger I’ve played the 1st Kingdom Hearts game before, but it was back in 2006, and I wanna know what is so unique about the Chain of Memories game.

  • Liz

    Stop making shitty half ass’d games, if you had committed to a KH3 you’d be done by now.

  • Justin

    Wonder when there will be one on PS3 (or hell even PS2 I would buy it) because I don’t really like the DS games….

  • Eberhard

    I have KH1 but did not commence actively playing it. I was just asking yourself if there had been other games in the series, like a sequel or something. Does the story end at Kingdom Hearts 1 or does it continue in Kingdom Hearts 2? How a lot of other games are there?

    • Kris

      Yes, the story does continue in Kingdom Hearts 2. In total, if I recall, there are 6 games out right now (7 if you count 3D coming soon). In response to Eberhard.

  • Janet Somerville

    how do you get the trinity moves, things, whichever they are in the video game kingdom hearts?

  • Eberhard

    I want to now whats going on lol. I have Kingdom Hearts I and Kingdom Hearts II on Playstation 2. I know there are a couple of more but I don’t realize how it all goes. Help?
    Thanks Hunter
    I value it!

  • Anonymous

    In the secret ending of Birth By Sleep, Coded, And Dream Drop Distance, It says “reconnect kingdom hearts” and there are other secrets in the secret endings and it all points to KH 3. Go on WIKI and look up kingdom hearts 3 or look up the interview with KH’s creator. he just gave an interview and he hinted toward KH 3!

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    When I am done with kingdom hearts 1 what game comes directly after that? Is it kingdom hearts to, chain of memories, re chain of memories, whatever. Which is it? Gracias!

  • Rishi

    I want to know the princesses of heart and the worlds in the first kingdom hearts game.Also what are the princesses of heart in kingdom hearts II and the worlds in the second game?

  • toysruslover

    Hey, I’m planning on buying the new kingdom hearts game but I haven’t playing kingdom hearts ever. Do I need to know the storyline or is this a new kingdom hearts game?

  • PoohBearPenguin

    I have KH1 but didn’t start playing it. I was just wondering if there were other games in the series, like a sequel or something. Does the story end at Kingdom Hearts 1 or does it continue in Kingdom Hearts 2? How many other games are there?

  • skychi99

    I already know what items to get and where to get them, but how do you get the recipe itself? Remember, kingdom hearts 1, not kingdom hearts 2.

  • Jeffery Carlson

    After you beat the cards in kingdom hearts 1 and when she disappear what happens next in the game, can anyone help me out.

  • supernerd567

    I want to buy a Kingdom Hearts game but i dont want to buy a sequel to any of them and get confused because of it. So should i buy Kingdom Hearts 1 to start off with?

  • crzyinluv

    Okay, here’s the deal. My family is trying to plan a vacation to Disney World and we’re using a military discount. However it costs extra to make the tickets into a hopper pass. What I’m wondering is if you can also get the dining plan using this discount if you are planning on staying at a Disney Resort. Does anyone know the answer to this?


  • Jason M

    I have a Disney Themed Party to go to, and I have Blue material with White Polka dots on it to make my costume out of. What could I go as?

  • evil chevy

    There was a movie I used to watch on the disney channel, maybe in 2001 or 2001, that had Linda Cardellini in it. In the movie, two sisters changed places because of a wish they both made on a star. They lived as eachother. One was popular, the other smart. I have been looking up “Wish upon a Star” or whatever, but I can’t find it. Does anyone remember or know? Is there a site to see all the Disney Channel Original Movies?

  • Ed D

    Every person has a favorite movie or piece of art that makes them emotional. Disney used to make very good meaningful movies.

    What Disney movie is the most heart touching that can bring you to tears?
    Mine would be the Lion King.

  • kerrin marz

    I live in scotland and watch disney all the time. I would love to act on disney channel. I dont have an agent because i cant afford one. Does anyone else have any ideas?

  • Patrick

    Out of any of the Disney worlds that haven’t already been tried, which ones do you think would be good worlds for the next Kingdom Hearts game?

    I personally think The Princess and The Frog would be great for Kingdom Hearts. Dr. Facilier is a unique villain and the setting (1920s New Orleans) has some good potential.

    Also, for a more obscure one, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It had a lot of action and exploration for a Disney movie, so think of how it would work for a Square-Enix RPG.

  • RxP DarkBox

    Next week is student council week at school, and we get to dress up for each themed day. Monday is “Disney Day”, and we have to dress up like a disney character. I am unsure of which character I could possibly do, because of lack of costumes. I don’t really have the time or money to buy a costume, so any ideas on what is simple to do? It can be anything “disney”.

  • Adam

    A movie produced by Disney was only sold on VHS tapes, and it was quite awhile ago. I had to pay $40.00 to get an old used copy of the VHS tape of that movie. There are no DVDs made. I’d like to find out from Disney how I could go about copying this movie to DVD and selling the copies, if they even would allow that. Does anyone know where I’d contact someone at Disney? And address, email address, or phone number would be great.

  • friendly 4

    I recently saw some ads for Disney Live! performances oversea. Not a big deal, I know, but the problem is that the company that’s putting on the performance is a subsidiary of a major arms manufacturer that’s known for, among other things, the export of missiles and other weapons to questionable parts of the world.

    Anyone know how to contact Disney to ask them about why they choose to do business with this kind of company? Only contact tool their website provides seem to be either for me to ask question about the site itself or investor relations for current stock holders.

  • Heath

    I’m planning a trip to Walt Disney World with a group of people with different interests. We’d like to split up during the day and meet up later. There are 8 attractions that we know about:
    1) The Magic Kingdom
    2) EPCOT
    3) MGM Studios
    4) The Animal Kingdom
    5) Walt Disney World Speedway
    6) Wide World of Sports
    7) Disney’s Boardwalk
    8) Downtown Disney

    Is there bus service between all of them? Is it one bus that goes in a loop or can you take a more direct route between them? Can you walk between some of them? What is the best way without a car? Thanks!

  • mrankinmatt

    Hi, have you ever wondered why all disney movies have happy endings, or why the girl ALWAYS has to end up with a handsome prince, or why there’s always one evil middle aged single woman that is the antagonist? How do you think disney movies like the little mermaid, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas and more movies would be different if disney didn’t follow all these guide lines? How would you change them to make them different? 10 points to the best endings! Thanks

  • whitesoxfan2347

    My son loves Disney Junior esp Jake and the neverland pirates. During the summer, I noticed they stopped doing disney junior and did regular disney so we started watching more pbs and sprout. I was just wondering if anyone knew when the “regular” disney junior times will start back since school has started back?

  • altair

    what’s the difference between the PS2 games Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories? Which ones better to play? Cause I’ve played the 1st Kingdom Hearts game before, but it was back in 2006, and I wanna know what’s so special about the Chain of Memories game.

  • Jairo

    I am planning a vacation for myself and two others during the time of the Disney Marathon (Jan. 13) I was wondering if Disney has any discounts available or runs any special deals during this time. Thanks in advance!