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  • vanvark83

    I’m planning to buy an Android phone but my budget limits me to phones with 240×320 resolutions. Now, I’m a bit hesitant to buy such phone because I think that it has the most limited number of apps and games available. Yet, I really want to buy an Android as soon as possible.

  • callofduty5123412

    I’m making an android phone game and I want my screen resolution to fit the smallest screen resolution there has been that an android phone had. Then if there’s another android phone with a larger resolution, I’ll just re-size it in a scalar manner and just fill the empty parts with black. So then, what is the smallest screen resolution there has been that android phones had?

  • borabora5524

    I used to use Appinventor a lot. I really got used to it, so when using a program like Eclipse, I get extremely confused. I am currenty watching a good amount of tutorial videos on youtube to operate Eclipse, but it only makes me miss the codeless AppInventor.

    Are there any other programs that make it easy to create apps for Android?

  • Dr Dorian

    I just got a motorola cliq and have seen articles all over advertising the new update to google maps allowing navigation but when i go to google mobile it says to access the android market through my phone and download the latest google maps but when i do that google maps does not appear in the market. Is this becuase i am not on the Droid or is there some other problem that is not allowing me to find this new update?

  • Brian

    For example:If my Android phone supports only MPEG ,MP4, 3gp ?

    So will it be able to run videos of Flv, Wmv, MP3 format it I Install Third party apps to run them?

    I suppose this should be the case.I am planning to buy Android mobile but i can’t buy the most expensive ones which can play all the video formats without any third party apps?

  • MexicanDude

    I have an android tablet that didn’t come with the android market pre-installed. I tried to look for it to download but I couldn’t find it. So any help would be good.

  • Sergeant Pickle

    What are good paid games on android market?Games that are not simple and have an alright picture graphic quality.
    Most of the android games are real bad does anyone know any good ones?

  • Rishabh Bajpai

    I am a youtuber and I take some videos with my android phone. My phone has a 5 megapixel camera with no flash. I need a good app that I could focus in tiny text while taking video for youtube. Thanks.