Pandora's Tower Coming This April

Pandora’s Tower, the lastest fancy looking action-JRPG for the Wii is getting brought over to the US this April. With the Wii U’s release, this may be a final hurrah for the genre on the classic Wii. Along with this announcement, Developer XSEED games has released the first english trailer (Though a more extensive Japanese one has been out for some time).


It’s my opinion that Trailers that don’t show gameplay aren’t very indicative of whether or not an audience will like a game, but I guess that gets basic story elements out of the way. Boy loves girl, boy kills monsters so that girl can eat their hearts (in order to not become a monster herself). For those of you extra interested, the japanese trailer has gameplay elements in it, and you’ll see that both puzzle solving and combat seems to rely heavily on some hook-on-chain mechanic:

Interesting stuff. Probably worth trying if you’re an action-RPG fan. I’d almost equate it to the likes of Musashi or something (depending on how oldschool you want to get). Either way, watch those trailers and make up your own mind.

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