Overwatch’s Next Character: Inside The Sombra Conspiracy


The 22 characters of Overwatch each have their own fandom that spawns fan-art, animations and even songs. The creative content for Overwatch is not in short supply. But who maybe even more impressive than the creative content makers are the puzzle solvers on the Sombra case.

Sombra is a supposed upcoming character for Overwatch, but in truth nothing is set in stone. Originally fans thought that the release of the support sniper Ana was going to be Sombra. But the rabbit hole is deeper than that, much deeper. Blizzard has been crafting the character in the background of the game; it’s been happening since Overwatch’s conception.

What we know so far about Sombra is she is probably a stealth character, but whether that means she’s a support or even a defense is yet to be canon. What we do know is she is some kind of hacker, most of the information we’ve been given about her have come through jumbled messages. Messages that come in the form of a code usually, like in Ana’s story reveal trailer. In the video a message in hexadecimal was converted into binary and translated to Spanish and then English. After all that deciphering the message reads, “Was that easy? Well, now that I have your attention — allow me to make things much more difficult.”

The hexadecimal form of the code

Recently fans have been stumped by something know as a skycode which seems in the Dorado stage – the stage most associated with Sombra. Fans say the top down view of the courtyard is set up as a kind of code, but as to what it means? No clue. That’s what makes the Sombra mystery so enticing. Or maybe there is no skycode and we’re all just biting at leads that don’t exist, that’s part of the fun. The Overwatch sub-reddit has been blowing up with posts regarding the code and no one seems to be able to solve it.

The court-yard with the supposed Skycode

Blizzard will be at GamesCom on the 17-21 of August so fans can hold out hope that they’ll get some more information about the mysterious 23rd character. Or maybe Blizzard is going to make us wait until the mystery is solved before she is released, in which case all you conspiracy junkies out there? It’s your time to shine.

¿Quién es ‘Sombra’? Let’s figure it out.

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