Overwatch: Sombra Finally Announced!


Well it’s been a long and strange few months since Overwatch decided to tease the 23rd character making their way to game. Sombra made her appearance at BlizzCon yesterday along with some short animations profiling who she is and what she’s all about.

Sombra had been dangled in the eyes of Overwatch lovers for literally months, with an ARG that went from clues to countdowns and then to nowhere. Waiting for her became a frustrating and long endeavor that some fans called “disastrous.” But even with all the hype and let down over the previous months fans of the series were still surprised and excited non the less and all the animosity seemed to evaporate.


Sombra surprised us all by being the cyber-punk sass master Latina of our dreams. There was speculation of her hero types ranging from Support to Defense and even Tank, but Offense? That was left field and it’s better than anticipated for sure. Her offensive style isn’t guns blazing like Reaper or annoy and harass like Tracer, she’s an infiltrator. She’ll move in for the kill once the target is weak and take them out, which is a totally new way to play offense. Adding a stealth hero in a fast paced MOBA is difficult but Blizzard has certainly peaked interests by giving Sombra a versatile and bad-ass kit.

Her abilities include a brief period invisibility and increased speed to dive behind enemy lines. The ability to hack into enemies and disable abilities, health packs, turrets and barriers! She has a relocation beacon that she can port to wherever it was dropped, so if you get into trouble or need to get up to a hard to reach area? Throw out that translocator. It can even be used while it’s still in mid-air. Lastly her ultimate is an EMP that disables all abilities, turrets and barriers on the enemy team within a radius around her! Which is crazy good to make a push or help wipe out your opponents in a flash.


So there you have it, it took a long time – to long some may say – but even with all the negative attention the Sombra ARG recieved the hero is still an exciting and welcome addition to an already stellar game. There is no word officially on when she’ll be released on platforms but she may be playable within the next few weeks. She’ll hit the PTR next week and hopefully will see her way to the game mid-November.

After that? I guess we just sit around and wait for Doomfist.

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