Orisa is Overwatch’s New Hero

Orisa - Overwatch's Newest Hero

Overwatch‘s newest hero is Orisa, a robot horse tank character from the tropical land of Numbani. She’s currently on the PTR, and is coming soon to the main game.

The story trailer released today shows that she was created by the 11-year-old girl genius Efi Oladele, a character who has been teased on Overwatch‘s Twitter account recently. Efi is a Numbani resident who crafted Orisa from destroyed defense robot parts, revitalizing the robot into a full fledged hero and Overwatch‘s 24th playable character.

A developer update video came out as well, giving an overview of Orisa. In the video, Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan says that Orisa’s primary weapon is called the “fusion driver,” a projectile-based machine gun has more range than almost every other tank hero. It looks like this horse is packing some heat.

Kaplan describes her as the “central anchor of her team,” and says that her “Protective Barrier” is one of her defining abilities. It’s about half the size of Winston’s bubble and it also affects fellow teammates. You can throw it out on the battlefield to make sure that all of your damage boys can stay safe out there.

She has an ability called “Fortify” that allows her to take reduced incoming damage and resist enemy crowd control abilities – two things that every tank players love. Pharah players watch out! You aren’t going to be able to style on this sturdy robot.

One of her more zany moves is “Halt!” an attack that she can shoot out and activate to suck in enemies to a singular point. “Halt!” sounds like a great for lining up some quality collaborative wombo combos.

Her final move is her ultimate, a “Supercharger” she throws that gives all teammates within her line of sight a damage boost.

What do you think of Orisa? Does she have what it takes to overpower the massive amount of Reinhardt players, or will she be a more niche, situational pick?

Remember to stay tuned here for more updates, impressions, and gameplay of Orisa, Overwatch‘s newest Hero.

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