Oh Snap | Flux Impressions and Giveaway

SteelSeries is known for their gaming gear and their Flux line is no exception.

SteelSeries recently launched the Flux Configurator PC/mobile headset, which allows the consumer to create their own headset. Personally, I love customizing, it gives a sense of freedom to create what we like, be it within a videogame or not. I had the chance to create my own PC/mobile headset to try it out for myself. I found creating my own headset fun and the outcome rewarding. Check out my video below and be sure to try it out for yourself here. The Flux Configurator works for mobile devices as well as PC/MAC (as long as you get the cord). You can game and talk all the talk you want or just listen to music.

If you not into the whole “choose your own adventure”…I mean headset, check out SteelSeries Flux In-Ear. This headset starts at $49.99 and works with your mobile devices and MAC. First thing I noticed was the cord itself. The cord feels durable and not something that will deteriorate over a short period of time, like other headsets. Plus the cords are flat, which means no tangles! Using the headset for your phone provides a crisp sound, making it feel like you’re not on a headset at all. There’s a in-line mic and control, allowing you to answer calls and control your media easier. Three ear tips are included which provide a suction fit allowing for noise cancellation. If you’re feeling a bit more fancy, then check out the Flux In-Ear Pro. Selling for $129, Flux In-Ear Pro comes with balanced armature drivers and memory foam ear tips. The Flux In-Ear Pro can be worn over the ear or standard. This headset will work for your mobile device, MAC and PC thanks to swappable cable ends.

Want a chance to win your own Flux In-Ear headset? Now is your chance, up until May 1st. Check out the video below where Charles talks a little bit about both types of In-Ear headsets.

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