ThinkGeek's Portal 2 Plush Turret is Prepared to Dispense Product

If you’re as big of a Portal fan as I am, then you already know about ThinkGeek’s latest exclusive, the Portal 2 Plush Turret. This officially licensed Portal 2 collectible is not your average cuddly plush toy though.

The Portal 2 Plush Turret is a huggable and non-deadly version of Aperture’s best-selling security bot, featuring a glowing red eye and a motion sensor. When the motion sensor is activated, the Turret talks, quoting many of it’s hilarious lines from Portal and Portal 2. It also has phrases for whenever it’s knocked over!

Product Specifications

  • Officially licensed Portal 2 Collectible
  • 14.5″ High
  • Takes 3 AAA batteries. (Not included)
  • Talks just like a proper sentry turret
  • The glowing eye is how it says it loves you
  • Does not include working dual machine guns. Sorry.
  • Suitable for children 8+
  • The actions below will randomly result in the given quotes…
  • Your plush turret detects motion nearby:
  • “Target acquired”
  • “There you are”
  • “I see you”
  • “Preparing to dispense product”
  • “Activated”
  • Your plush turret is moved or knocked over:
  • “Critical error”
  • “Shutting down”
  • “I don’t hate you”
  • “Hey, hey, hey”
  • “Malfunctioning”
  • Your plush turret is ignored (times out after 30 seconds of inactivity):
  • “Are you still there”

– ThinkGeek

Even though it sold out quickly after it’s December release, the ThinkGeek website shows that the Portal 2 Plush Turret will most likely be back in stock on January 19th, which is….tomorrow! I plan on buying at least two, so I know that both of my kids will be safe thanks to our trusted friend in Science!

You can have your very own Portal 2 Plush Turret for $34.99 on ThinkGeek’s website right here.


There you are...
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