Official 18 Minute Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough

If you’re like me and are eagerly awaiting this Friday to finally get your hands on Batman: Arkham Origins, this video will either make the wait easier or less bearable. What we have for you is an 18 minute walkthrough of a couple early missions in the game. Commentary is provided by Senior Producer Ben Mattes and Gameplay Director Michael McIntyre. Truth be told it doesn’t look terribly different from Arkham City, but with an engine that good it’s hard to find fault with Warner Brothers for leaving much the same.

One noteworthy item is that not only with Batman have to deal with the gangs and assassins, but the GCPD and SWAT teams will also be enemies. It’s important to remember that this is early on in Batman’s career, so allies like Gordon, Montoya and the others are not around to help him. The walkthrough also features a cameo by a character who will prove most important, perhaps not in this game, but certainly down the line.


See you Friday. This year, New Year’s Eve comes early.

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