Oculus VR Announces New Developer Conference, Occulus Connect

With the Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR leaving many early supporters of the platform quite displeased, the company’s announced a new developer conference titled “Oculus Connect.Oculus Connect is a two day long conference, clearly aimed at reassuring those who’ve already invested in the platform, that the Occulus VR team are still committed to their original goal of creating unique experiences completely separate from Facebook. But only time will tell if that is true or not.

Accompanying the conference news was some acquisition talk; the Occulus VR team acquired RakNet.

RakNet is a C++ networking engine created for the sole purpose of saving game developers time when making their games. It’s a very powerful tool and is highly recommended among intermediate and advanced game developers in the indie community (specifically for complex needs such as AutoPatching and Lobby Systems). Oculus, in what I believe is a last attempt to persuade game developers back to the device, actually made RakNet open-source. However there are still some licensing clauses for anyone interested in releasing a commercial product.

If you’d like to read more about the upcoming Oculus developer conference happening later this year. Please click the link here.

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