Nvidia Announces Mobile Version of Kepler

Nvidia has decided to bring their most powerful graphical processing unit (GPU) Kepler to the mobile platform. Earlier this year during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Nvidia mentioned they were interested in entering the mobile market. But I would have never imagined they’d pull out the big guns.

Kepler is currently Nvidia’s lead architecture for desktop gaming and in some indie studios used for making the very games we love to play. Bare with me for a moment while we delve into some technical jargon of why this is such a huge deal.

Kepler uses a third of the power necessary to render things that Apple’s Retina display for the iPad needs. It also supports OpenGL 4.4, Open GL ES 3.0 and DirectX11. You can expect the same features as desktops aswell such as; better rendering, simulation techniques, tessellation, advanced physics, anti-aliasing, better lighting effects, and rendering in a single pass.

In laymen terms, developers will have access to a dedicated graphics card that will boost the overall quality of games on tablets, and because of its low power consumption it will mean you get to use for longer periods of time without fear of it dying, because you happen to be playing a game that draws a lot of power.

Nvidia during their SIGGRAPH presentation showed two videos that demonstrated the power of a mobile based Kepler GPU. The first video introduces you to Ira, one of the most detailed digital models of the human face. This real-time modeling of Ira’s face is powered the first ever mobile Kepler GPU.  This demo is running on a reference tablet drawing 2-3 watts. The second video shows the rendering capabilities of Kepler.

Project Logan – FaceWorks “Ira” demo



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