No Multiplayer for Wii U Version of Arkham Origins

In what appears to be a slight towards Nintendo, Warner Brothers has announced that the Wii U version of Arkham Origins will not include the newly touted multiplayer modes. Naturally, one would think that if Wii U owners are getting less game, they should play less, right? However, this does not appear to be the case. Gamestop still has all versions of the game listed at $59.99. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the logic of that. If I order a pizza, a medium costs less than a large, because there’s less pizza. If the Wii U version doesn’t have a game mode the other versions have, that’s less game. So it should cost less. But it doesn’t? Odd.

This seems to boil down from a lack of faith in the Wii U itself. Sales of Nintendo’s newest console have not been all that developers would hope, and it is possible why they are not as concerned about that particular share of the market. Pure speculation, but from a consumer perspective, the Wii U seems like the losing game in town now. It could be because the Wii U is hard to develop more. Regardless, the Wii U versions of Arkham Origins will not have mutiplayer, but you will also be paying the same size for your medium pizza as your friend’s large pizza.

Stay tuned as we grow ever closer to the release date of Batman: Arkham Origins. Time for this writer to get lunch.

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