No Man’s Sky’s New Trailer Brings Danger

Only two weeks are left to the launch of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 and PC game No Man’s Sky. Fans have seen a lot of content for the game; the exploration and the intrigue each new planet holds, but with this new trailer we get a glimpse of the peril.

So far coverage of No Man’s Sky has really outlined the exploration aspect of the game. Searching and discovering on burgeoning planets is what intrigues most players to want to set out in the universe of the game. With the latest trailer players got a look at the dangers that lay in wait for them.

No Man's Sky

Toxic exposure, radiation and extreme temperatures are just some of the elements explorers will face in No Man’s Sky, of course there’s always the threat of alien monsters and sentinel drones as well. This latest video “Survive” is one of the pillars that the game is set upon, the others include: Explore, Fight and Trade. Each trailer brought to us by PlayStation and Hello Games gives an in-depth look at how the universe and game will work.

Hopes are high for No Man’s Sky, but only time will tell if it can live up to the years of excitement and build up. The game will be released August 9th and fans can’t wait to see if they have what it takes to explore the universe.

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