GungHo | Ninjas Are Coming! Stay Focused

The gaming industry is a huge market, and new companies arise every year that change the game. No pun intended…okay, so maybe it was. Recently, we discovered a new company called GungHo. You may have noticed their ads on the site, but you are probably still thinking, “What is it?”. GungHo is a focus energy gel shot. What makes this product so awesome is that it doesn’t use high doses of caffeine and sugar to give you energy, and therefore there will be no crash later. This is why GungHo is not an energy shot.

GungHo is clinically proven to increase focus to help you through those hard spots on games, and when you are in those heated tournaments or LAN parties with your friends. I have had the chance to use it and was very skeptical at first. Plenty of people are blinded by the jargon that companies tell you their product will do, but from my experience, GungHo does exactly what it says it will.

Their slogan is “Ninja like focus”, and although I didn’t turn into a ninja myself, I did notice an immediate difference while gaming.  The first thing that I noticed is that I did not have jitters while playing. When I drink a RedBull, Monster, or even 5hr Energy, I get a caffeine/sugar rush and can’t seem to sit still. My aim and accuracy is not where I would like it to be either. The second thing I noticed, which is my favorite part, is that there was no crash.

Like I said before, GungHo is not an energy shot. GungHo is the ONLY proven drink/shot to increase focus and memory. If you are in school, a gamer, at work, or need focus and memory, you really need to check out GungHo. If you would like to see the studies on the product, you can visit their site, There is plenty to read about, which is fine, but you really have to try it to fully understand.

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