Ninja Gaiden 3’s Developer Diaries Show You the Way of the Sword


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    So theres a reason i didnt buy this game

  • Desmarais

    Does anybody know the identify of the Head of Staff Ninja in Ninja Gaiden 2???

  • Lorrie Lauro

    I am unaturally excited. ^_^ One Particular of my favorite builders operating on on the newest model of a single of my favorite games. Now the greater question…will Nintendo release the reins on another property…say…..Legend of Zelda?!?!

    My fangirl brain is operating absolutley insane with the possibilities. 50 hit Mastersword combos FTW!!!

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  • Malinda Shurtliff

    can you flip off the blood in NG3 sigma on xbox 360 i am just wondering.

  • Annette Cutter

    January 30, 2006 – Crew Ninja’s Tomonobu Itagaki appeared in the latest problem of Famitsu Xbox 360 in not one, but two interviews in which he discusses his groups options for the Xbox 360.

    Itagaki initial apologized for disturbing the Xbox 360 Japanese start with the delay of Lifeless or Alive 4. DOA4 was originally scheduled to launch with the 360 in Japan on December 10, but ended up struggling two delays, at some point arriving at retail on December 29. He asked that folks forgive his selfishness in delaying the title this time, as DOA4 represents his collective operate from the earlier 10 years.
    When asked about Team Ninja’s foreseeable future plans, Itagaki resorted to some peculiar mahjong analogy ahead of revealing that Lifeless or Alive Xtreme 2 will be the team’s up coming title. He added that he is been contemplating about producing a handful of modifications from the authentic plan. The game’s opening and ending are already becoming labored on, he revealed, but he will not commit to a launch date for fear of creating an uproar in scenario of a delay. He does state that it probably won’t be too significantly off from what folks are expecting.

    Asked about Ninja Gaiden 2, which the magazine even now lists as being “unannounced,” Itagaki explained that there are a lot of things he hopes to do with the title. With Dead or Alive, he stated he made a “complete” fighting game, and he hopes to do the same in the action genre as his following goal, although he won’t state that this will automatically be via Ninja Gaiden 2. He cited “interactivity” as a keyword. Itagaki hopes to produce a type of action that pushes the interactivity of videogames to the limit.

    Team Ninja is also doing work absent at Undertaking Progressive. The directions of Ninja Gaiden and Venture Progressive are totally different, Itagaki revealed.

    But prior to DOAX2, Ninja Gaiden 2 and all the rest, comes Lifeless or Alive 4. Team Ninja is even now operating absent to tune up the game. We can count on the first on the internet patch for the recreation in February, which really should fix the several problems that Itagaki himself has encountered above his 300 Live-based matches. The patch will resolve a few interface troubles as well as some much more core issues.

    Sadly, downloads do not look like they will feature in DOA4’s future. The Team Ninja personnel isn’t really all that large, Itagaki disclosed, and the group desires to give priority to the following project. He also mentioned that, in the occasion of free downloads, updates would have to be offered to non-Live gamers via free of charge booster disks, which would also be difficult because of to costs. Regardless Of the damaging outlook, Itagaki provides that some employees members want downloads to happen, and it is below consideration.

    Itagaki’s responses ended up just a part of a lengthy Famitsu Xbox 360 characteristic in which Japan’s most significant developers share their thoughts on the system.

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