Night in The Woods: Weird Autumn Edition is Coming for PC and Consoles

Weird Autumn Edition

Great news ahead for the indie front! Night in the Woods is getting a “director’s cut” edition called Weird Autumn on December 13. The announcement came via the game’s official Twitter account. What’s more, its developers teased its arrival to another console.

Night in the Woods came out for PC and PlayStation in February this year. Thanks to these tweets we also know that Xbox One is already included in the list. By process of elimination, the teased console can only be the Nintendo Switch. It has not been confirmed yet but it will be in the near future, we are sure.

According to its designers, Weird Autumn is the “definitive edition” of the game. In terms of content, it includes a bunch of interesting novelties: new storylines, minigames, hallucinatory dreaming sequences and two pre-release miniature episodes, Longest Night and Lost Constellation. Note though that PlayStation users will need to wait until January 2018 to enjoy these two extra adventures. Moreover, this director’s cut is coming at no cost for PC players who got it before.

Night in the Woods in a Nutshell

Night in the Woods came originally amidst a crazy triple-A wave back in February. However, and with the passing of the months, this indie jewel has claimed its place within the ranks. And for good reasons. This critically acclaimed narrative adventure follows the steps of Mae, a cat that comes back to her hometown and reunites with her friends and with the strangeness of it all.

During the game, both the supernatural and the mundane find each other in a compelling storyline that touches on relationships, the pains of adult life, philosophy and even religion. While playing it, we were surprised by its comical undertones and the feeling of floating nostalgia that accompanies a typical Rust Belt town. We cannot tell you “go and play it”. But maybe we are.

Weird Autumn Edition

Have you played the original Night in the Woods game? What did you think of it and will you be playing the Weird Autumn edition? Let us know in the comment section down below


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