NieR: Automata Reveals Open World Complete With Moose Riding

It’s been a big week for NieR: Automata. Videos like the Glory To Mankind 119450310 trailer and Hooked’s interview with the creators have been popping up, making the anticipation leading to the game’s March 7 release feel well worth it. Most recently, PlayStation Underground got their hands on NieR: Automata for a half hour of gameplay revealing the game’s open world and how it works.

The playable demo of NieR: Automata was very linear, focusing on combat systems and the general feel of a mission overall. The demo did not give much of a feel for the world as a whole, though, which appears to be much bigger. The latest video takes place in a sprawling and ruined city that’s been taken back by nature. The world shows glimpses reminiscent of the environment of Enslaved: Odyssey To The West as giant trees wrap around the shells of buildings and shopping malls are peppered with trees and grass before it quickly gives way to a sun-burnt desert wasteland.

Like most open world games, you’re able to take on a variety of smaller quests, shown here when the game’s main character, 2B, comes across a small resistance camp filled with needy human survivors. As you’re freely exploring, you’re able to do a number of other things as well, whether it’s fishing, platforming for goodies, or just smashing adorable robo baddies as they try to smack you with their flailing limbs. Maybe most exciting of all, though, is that you’re able to befriend, mount, and bash enemies with a moose, the most formidable of all battle mounts!

Truly, the most fearsome mount.
Truly, the most fearsome mount.

While it’s set to come out surrounded by some of the year’s most hyped games, NieR: Automata is showing itself to be an equal contender for one of this year’s most exciting titles. Are you planning to play NieR: Automata? How do you plan to make time with all the releases coming in the next few weeks? Let us know below!

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