The Next HTC One Leaked, Sports a Gold Shell and No Physical Buttons

HTC has kept us on the edge of our seats as we wait for their big announcement next month. We’ve had a few leaks, but so far everything has seemed to be kept well under-wraps, until now.

Thanks to @evleaks on twitter, we’ve just had our first real look at the new HTC One. With a beautiful gold finish, although it is also said to come in grey and silver, this phone has left little to be desired at first glance. Whilst we can see a few similarities to the current HTC One, such as the dual speakers, which were a very popular feature on the current HTC One. However, if we compare the two, we can look at the change in buttons. Where before the home buttons were actual buttons, on the bezel of phone, on this version, they have become part of the screen. This may be a welcome change to the fans; the change from bezel to screen is one that many companies have taken on and it has worked well so far. This change has made more of the front of the phone become glass, when compared to the current version, so we’ve got to hope that this phone comes with insurance on the screen.

There have also been some changes to the camera, as where before there was only one rear camera, this photo could be flaunting two. This is, in fact, a very big rumor surrounding the evolution of HTC One; a lot of speculation has surrounded the cameras. Don’t hold me to it, though. Whilst this could be the infamous dual rear camera appearance, there is also a chance that it could be a fingerprint sensor. When it comes to the front camera, it is in a similar location to the current HTC One, with what looks to be a proximity sensor featured to the left of it. According to Bloomberg, the cameras are also said to feature dual lenses, as well as having an increased depth of field, making the photos taken look a lot better that the current HTC One. This isn’t surprising, after the current HTC One was released, it fell short of critics expectations, damaging, what could have been, perfect reviews.

Speculation has also touched on what processor this phone may run on. Originally, people, including @evleaks, stated that this phone would run on Snapdragon MSM8974 (800 series). But now, people are wondering if this HTC One will run on 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (805 series) processor, the newly announced processor, which is said to be incredibly fast. When it comes to the mobile operating system, it is likely that the Android KitKat system, most probably v4.4.2, will combine with the HTC UI Sense v6.0. This phone is also set to include 2GB RAM and come in 32GB/64GB storage variants.

hhThe UK branch of HTC have recently tweeted ‘#savethedate’ and ‘The best is about to get better’ with this picture included as the link. When it comes to the official announcement, there are simultaneous HTC events happening in London and New York, on the date shown in the picture. Instead of announcing it at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress event, where Nokia and Samsung are set to appear, HTC have decided to hold their own private events, where they will make the announcement.

What do you think to this phone? Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments below!


Sources: @evleaks, gadgethelpline, ibtimesBloomberg and HTC UK.

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