New Wireless XBOX 360 Headset And Remote

The official XBOX remote has remained unchanged every since the launch of the XBOX 360 in 2005. 6 years later, Microsoft has decided that it’s time for change, thus resulting in the new universal remote. For a mere $20, the buyers not only get a remote with a fresh new design which matches the newest XBOX console, but a remote that can control live TV – as long as the XBOX is supported by their ISP.

Also set for release is the new XBOX 360 wireless headset. Retailing at $60, $10 more than the previous headset, this time they are offering Bluetooth support. This means that you’ll be able to use the headset with other devices, like cell phones, and even your Playstation 3. This is great news for people who own both consoles, and we’ll have to see whether effortlessly switching between XBOX and Bluetooth mode is as simple as expected. Like the previous headset, it will connect to the XBOX 360 through the consoles standard radio frequencies, hopefully meaning that audio quality will be decent.

Both are set for release in November 2011, with the headsets Bluetooth capabilities being a major selling point. If it sells well, businessmen will have an all new headset to speak loudly into, and won’t even have to take it off when they want some game time.

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