New Trailer for Stories: The Path of Destinies Released

Spearhead Studios, the creators of Tiny Brains, have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming project, Stories: The Path of Destinies. Simon Darveau, co-founder of Spearhead Studios, posted a blog on the PlayStation website on August 14th announcing their newest project – Stories: The Path of Destinies, then titled Stories: The Hidden Path, an action RPG. The reveal trailer shows us that it will have a narrator, telling the story that the player will create as we go. Darveau says that Stories will be affected by the choices made in the game and that the narrator will adapt the story according to the decisions the player makes.

“We’re building Stories to feel like an enchanted book with a different tale to tell each time you open it,” Darveau writes.


A second trailer, seen above, fortifies the decision making factor in Stories. The enchanting voice of the narrator gives the player an inside look at the next important decision Reynardo the Fox must make. To choose between saving the love of his life and saving the world. As the narrator states, it’s an easy choice, right? As reinforced by both trailers, the decisions you make throughout the game will affect the outcome of your story. The beautiful and cartoon-like animations give Stories a story-book whimsy and wonder that will surely be pleasing to players of all ages.

Stories Landscape_Screenshot_2

Stories: The Path of Destinies will be available sometime in 2016. At the moment it is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. You can keep up on the latest news for Stories by following their Facebook page as well as sign up for their newsletter on their website. Let me know what you think of the trailer in the comments below!

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