New Trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon Highlights New Creatures, Features

Earlier today, Nintendo announced six new Pokemon for the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon games. This raises the number of new Pokemon to 25. Two of the new additions–Mimikyu and Bewear–were leaked in a recent issue of the Japanese magazine Coro-Coro, but the International trailer provides more detail as to their abilities and general appearance.

The first of the new creatures, Wimpod, is a Bug/Water type with a special ability called Wimp Out, which causes it to flee after dropping to 50% health. The second, Bounsweet, is a Grass type that is based on the mangosteen fruit and is often mistaken by other Pokemon to be food. Comfey is a Fairy type that can have the Triage ability, which causes healing moves to go first. Mudsdale, a Ground type, has the new ability Stamina, which raises its defense after being attacked. Mimikyu, the adorable Ghost/Fairy type that wears a Pikachu costume, has the ability Disguise, which causes the first attack to damage it to be nullified. Finally, Bewear is a Normal-Fighting type with the Fluffy ability that halves any direct-damage abilities at the cost of taking double damage from Fire attacks.


The trailer also announced two new features. The first is the ability to host personal tournaments over the Pokemon Global Link. Not only will players be able to battle in the monthly competitions, but they will also be capable of setting up friendly matches with their fellow trainers, complete with their own rule set.

The second feature is Hyper Training, which allows trainers to improve the IVs (individual values) of level 100 creatures. Previously, trainers bred Pokemon to obtain perfect IVs. With Hyper Training, trainers will be able to make any Pokemon they capture capable of achieving perfect stats. This, combined with X&Y’s Super Training, will lower the bar of entry even lower for those who want to participate in official tournaments and competitions. To access Hyper Training, players will have to obtain the Bottle Cap item in-game. So far, the only announced way to get it is as a held item on Magearna.

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