New Skyrim Details

In Oblivion, I remember coming across an NPC in one city and then meeting a different NPC in another city, that had the same voice. It bothered me a little that they reused the same voice actor for several different NPCs. Luckily, the chances of that happening in Skyrim are smaller. This time around, there are 60,000 lines of dialogue and more voice actors lending their talent to the NPCs.

There will also be horses in Skyrim however if you don’t want to deal with that you can also fast travel between cities that you have visited or take a carriage for a price.

Want to take down a dragon faster? Those that have been wounded won’t be able to fly which will make it easier for your character to take one down and learn a dragon shout from it. Three new types have been recently announced by OPM, which are fire breath, ice crystals and lightning storm.

There should be a lot more Skyrim information at E3 this year.


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