New Pokemon: Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals New Pokemon!


Game-play footage of the upcoming 3DS game Pokemon: Sun and Moon was released today with a glimpse of some of the Pokemon we’ll get to see around the Alola region as well as some of the islands themselves.

Since the announcement fans have been patiently waiting for information on Pokemon: Sun and Moon. We’ve gotten a taste of the starters and both Legendaries that are associated with either game. Now it seems we’re getting some of the Pokemon that are out in the world ready to be caught!


A lot of the typings in this trailer seem to be electric, and unfortunately – since it’s all in Japanese at the moment – it’s hard to tell why this is. The Pokemon featured in the trailer have yet to be labeled in english, so we’ll have to wait for the translation to hit North America in the next few days.

Players also may have gotten a glimpse at another legendary Pokemon, who seems to be a Fairy/Electric type with the ability Electric Terrain. Zygarde will find his way into the game with his new ultimate form, which is activated when it’s HP drops below 50%. New Pokemon are always a hotly contested issue amoung fans, this new batch of Pokemon seems crazy colourful and they certainly have some interesting designs. But we’d love to hear what you think of them in the comments.


How do you feel about Old Man Dragon and Lil’ Bug/Bus? Malicious Purple Fish or Fat Pachirisu?

The game is set to be released Novemeber 18th 2016, so keep your focus locked on The Game Fanatics and we’ll keep you updated on all things Pokemon!

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