The New HTC One Has A Name, Carriers

Serial tech-news-leaking Twitter account @evleaks has posted two more updates about the upcoming HTC flagship phone, set to debut at a media event on March 25th as we reported yesterday. In the tweets, @evleaks heavily implies the official name of the new phone is simply “The New HTC One,” much like Apple named the third-generation iPad “The New iPad.”

@evleaks also posted two new leaked renders of the device, shown above. The raw-aluminum phone shows AT&T as the carrier, while the black anodized aluminum phone is showing a “4G LTE” signal graphic used by Verizon and has Verizon carrier information etched into the back.

The most visible new feature of the phone from the outside is its dual-camera configuration. Two days ago, in response to the leaks, Engadget reported the possible benefits of a dual-camera configuration an interview with one of the most visible companies pushing dual-cameras as a potential smartphone feature, Corephotonics.

Corephotonics touts the advantages of a dual-camera configuration as more than just the ability to take 3D photographs. A dual-camera configuration where each lens has a different focal length can also help aid focusing speed and other image processing tasks, improve low-light performance, and even allow for a form of digital zoom that, through some clever tricks, doesn’t result in a loss of image quality like traditional digital zoom.

It’s important to note that, while Corephotonics is actively trying to sell this technology, they have actively denied the existence of any partnership with HTC. The camera modules in the new HTC One also appear to be two different sizes altogether, a distinct difference from the demonstration sensor shown by Corephotonics which incorporates two identically-sized cameras into a single solid module. This difference might even mean the technology in the new HTC One serves a completely different purpose than what Coretronics is marketing.


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