New Dropshot Mode Hits Rocket League

Rocket League Dropshot

The newest Rocket League mode, Dropshot, is now live on all platforms.

The mode, which will be available in unranked matchmaking and private matches, bears a similarity to the arcade classic Breakout. The new arena, Core 707, is set up like a volleyball court. Each team is defending the floor on their half while trying to break the opponent’s. When time the ball hits the ground it damages the tile under it. After a couple hits the tiles break away, opening a new goal. Keeping the ball in air will power it up, making it do more damage when it finally crashed down.

Dropshot is one part of patch 1.31. In addition to the new mode the patch also introduces new items and achievements. Easter themed items will drop as end of match rewards through April 17. The items include an Easter basket topper, Easter egg antenna and bunny ears topper. This is the first time developer Psyonix has added Easter themed items to the game. Psyonix showcased all the items in a post on the Rocket League website.

Rocket League Easter Bunny Topper

The patch also adds new achievements to the game. Most of the achievements revolve around Dropshot. Players will now also be able to watch official Rocket League tournaments live in game. The new “Esports” button will appear whenever an event is live and take players to the Twitch stream. The events will include the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS). Psyonix is investing heavily in esports, promising prize pools totaling over $1 million in 2017. RLCS Season 3 is currently underway. Last year’s RLCS Season 2 champions received $50,000.

Dropshot is the second major content addition to Rocket League this year. Last month the game added licensed Hot Wheels cars and items. The new patch also contains bug fixes and interface improvements. The full patch notes are available through the game’s website.

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