New DLC Available Dead By Daylight

Starbreeze and Behaviour Digital have released new content for asymmetrical title Dead by Daylight. The latest add-on, titled Charity Case, is now available available via the Humble Store and Steam.

The Charity Case downloadable content features 26 cosmetic items, created by dedicated broadcasters of the multiplayer game. The bundle includes items both for Survivors and Killers: 20 of which are brand new items and the other 6 are previously exclusive content which was available to certain players.

The developers also revealed that all profits from the sale of the Charity Case add-on will go to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

In case you haven’t about this game, Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes control of a crazed killer as he hunts down up to four of his friends through nightmarish scenarios. PC players who uses Steam can grab the game right here.

Dead by Daylight was first released on PC in June 2016 and went on to sell over 1.8 million copies on Steam. It also became a favorite for streamers across Twitch and other streaming platforms. The game finally released in June of this year for PS4 and Xbox One.

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