New Details Surface for Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters DLC

Earlier this year the creators of the unforgiving Dark Souls series released Bloodborne, a particularly challenging game that is reminiscent of its predecessors. The highly anticipated game was praised for its outstanding graphics, attention to details, and the rewarding feeling the player clung to as they defeated a rather difficult boss. Bloodborne has been very successful with over two million copies sold, and players now await the announced The Old Hunters DLC.

The official Japanese Bloodborne Twitter account tweeted out a picture of a Hunter holding a fairly ominous looking weapon – no caption needed.  This weapon is from The Old Hunters DLC and was given the name “Juunikutachi”. The new weapon has a strong resemblance to the Saw Cleaver or the Saw Spear that are present in the base game at the moment and it may or may not have a similar play style. With The Old Hunters DLC, many fans are hoping for a variety of different weapons that you would allow the players to create a different play style for Bloodborne.


Along with the Tweet of the Juunikutachi (above), a new FAQ has arose on the Bloodborne website. The FAQ is already full of questions and gives players a sneak peak of what The Old Hunters DLC will be like. The website’s FAQ reveals that “Once you reach a certain point in Bloodborne, the item, “Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter” appears in the Hunter’s Dream. Once you have acquired this item, you will be able to access the newly added areas in the expansion.” Along with new weapons, expect new locations, bosses and armor to go along with The Old Hunters DLC.


Bloodborne’s The Old Hunter DLC will be available for PlayStation 4 on November 24, 2015. And if you live in Europe, you can pick up Bloodborne GOTY Edition that includes the DLC on November 27th. Happy gaming everyone!

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