NeuroSky to Change Movies and Gaming

Well, the video below can describe NeuroSky better then I ever could have. At GDC 2011, I had the opportunity to use the NeuroSky headset, and I was very impressed. The headset is comfortable and easy to use. They said there is no need to install a program to run it, that the game will already allow for it to work. Just plug and play. I used it for several games created by NeuroSky. It uses your attention and meditation levels to control games. For instance, there is a game where you focus on a barrel to blow it up. The higher the attention level the faster it will blow. They also seek to increase ones education with it. There are math games that will show your wave levels and speed of completing math equations, so you can improve your math skills.


NeuroSky also will have an effect video games. They described that if you are playing a zombie game and if your attention levels drop or if you are too meditated then the game will increase the difficulty to make the game more exciting. Of course, that is just a taste of what they have in mind. I am sure that developers will have plenty of ideas for the headset as it becomes more available to the general public. So what does this have to offer the hardcore or pro gamer?…a whole lot. As you play it will show your wave levels at different times of the game, and will give you a summary at the end so you can make changes that will improve your overall skills. They have already stated that they worked with the USA Olympic archery team to help them with their performance.


With all these new innovations in the gaming industry, this one has a lot of potential. The main reason this product has not been released is because of production costs. However, they have managed to set a retail price of $99. I am sure as the technology becomes more common, the price will drop. For more information you can check out NeuroSky. Be sure to check out the other videos on my Youtube for more videos on all things gaming. There are also movie trailers for the NeuroSky there as well.

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