Netflix’s To Go Disc less For PS3 This Fall

By now PS3 owners are probably a little annoyed with the way they use Netflix’s, using a disc every time to rent a video. But then again it isn’t as bad driving to your local video store to actually rent the movie.

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings has stated that

“Before our next [earnings] call in October, we expect to be launching a major new version of our Sony PS3 user interface which doesn’t require a disc, and is dynamically updated continuously with the latest Netflix UI improvements.”

While he was delivering his company’s Q2 2010 financial results during the investors call.

So PS3 is catching up with Xbox 360 in all sorts of ways now, with console sales and making the system accessible to everyone with MOVE.

Don’t throw your disc away just yet as the effect won’t take effect until this fall.

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