Need For Speed Rivals Gets a Release Date for PS4 and Xbox One

Need For Speed is one of the most recognizable names in racing games and games in general, and EA isn’t ready to forfeit its place in gamers’ minds just yet.EA’s newest racing title/remake is Need For Speed Rivals, and though the game was announced quite some time ago, the release dates were never announced for next generation consoles. I’m happy to say that Need For Speed is going to launch on the PS4 and Xbox One in North America on November 22nd. And while the Xbox One version of the game will launch on November 22 in the U.K. too, but the PS4 version of the speedy title won’t be launching until a week after, on the 29th.

So, by now, we’ve all seen some gameplay of Need For Speed Rivals for next generation systems, right? I sure hope so, because no amount of words can describe how beautiful the game looks. The pristine graphics really do add a sense of realism that we could have never imagined happening on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Here’s a little reminder.

So, yeah, the game looks amazing, and although that doesn’t say anything about the gameplay, it’s pretty safe to say that the arcade racer retains it’s feel with this new title. So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to buy Need For Speed Rivals on current gen systems a few days earlier, or are you going to wait for the PS4 and Xbox One versions?

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