Need for Speed, Mass Effect 2 Composer Saki Kaskas Passes Away

Sadly, the video game industry has lost one of its most vibrant creative talents recently. Saki Kaskas, music composer of many beloved video game scores, has died at age 44.

His passing was officially announced in a Facebook post by Kaskas’ longtime friend and collaborator Rom Di Prisco. Although no cause of death was specified, Di Prisco’s post was genuinely emotional and passionate as he described the late artist’s creative voice and gentle, kind soul.

Saki’s work in video game music began when he composed for Electronic Arts’ Need For Speed series. He spent four years in-house composing tracks for the publisher’s popular racing franchise, his work spanning five titles including Hot Pursuit, and High Stakes. He didn’t just work on racing game music either. Saki Kaskas’ resume includes major beloved series such as Mass Effect 2, Sim City 4, and even the late United Front Games’ Chinese gangster action sandbox, Sleeping Dogs.

Mr. Kaskas work is notably diverse. In addition to various strings and background music with environmental strings that are ubiquitous in video game scores, his experience with synths and techno really helped various titles pop musically. A notable toe tapper is the track Amorphous Being from Need for Speed IV: High Stakes.

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