N++ Ultimate Edition Coming To Xbox One

Metanet Software’s quirky, yet simple platformer N++ Ultimate Edition, has finally been announced for Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The developer announced that N++ Ultimate Edition will jump onto Xbox One sometime this summer. This will finally give a chance for Xbox One players to experience the unique 2D parkour title as they narrowly escape enemies and collect gold.

This Ultimate Edition isn’t a simple port of the previously PC/PS4 version. This version will bring a bevvy of new content such as:

  • 60 new color schemes
  • New levels
  • New ninja headbands
  • New secrets
  • Hardcore mode

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as the developer also includes more new content to be discovered. The game features an impressive 4340(!) hand-crafted levels. N++ Ultimate Edition features a handful of game modes such as a lengthy solo campaign, couch Co-op and a competitive Race mode. And the aforementioned Hardcore is a brand new addition to the game which cranks things up by making the game all about the player’s skills and brings a different facet of solo mode.

For those who might have known, the N++ games first saw the light of day as a simple Adobe Flash game way back in 2004 simply titled N. The first sequel, N+, was released for PSP, DS and Xbox 360 in 2008.

N++ Ultimate Edition is currently available on PC via Steam and PS4 via the PlayStation Store.

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