Mutant Football League’s Last Push On Kickstarter Has Begun

You can’t kill the undead, they’ll just rise again someday! Don’t worry, we’re not talking about zombies, it’s all about the 1993 Sega Genesis classic Mutant League Football, which is coming back in full 3D with a brand new name… Mutant Football League!

The game has already been approved on Steam Greenlight, and now Digital Dreams Entertainment founder Michael Mendheim announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund the last milestones of the project’s development. Put your helmets on and watch for landmines, the bloody football games are scheming a comeback.

After three years in development and several funding campaigns, the director of the original title reached out to fanatics one last time, with a $60,000 all or nothing goal to reach. Their objective is to finish Mutant Football League for October of this year and polish its gameplay for the PC release. Consoles will have to wait a little bit longer to chainsaw through Orcs and score a touchdown, the release on Xbox One and PS4 is planned for early 2018.

Over 14 teams will be available, including three All-Star picks, conformed by the most brutal mutants of four different species: the Dead Heads, the Bruisebots, the Monster Orcs and a fourth unannounced one. As always, there’s some stars among each roster and with their special abilities you’ll be able to pull off some dirty tricks to win your game. Still, they won’t be of much use if they’re cut in half, so protect your stars from gory encounters that might leave you empty-handed and with no option but to forfeit.

Plan your infamous dirty plays and get the extra advantage with a little bribe to the ref, or by growing one of your players five times in size for that sweet extra yard push. Win fairly or cheat your way to becoming a mutant champion, just watch out because if the other team doesn’t kill you, the hazardous stadiums will.

Contributors will be rewarded for their help with different MFL Kickstarter packages, ranging from a sneak peek of the pre-alpha to naming a team and receiving All-Star player statues. For further information about Mutant Football League, visit their official website.


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